New ASH Urgent Care Now Open

Ouch that Hurts!…

We can Help. Our new ASH Urgent Care location opens January 5 in Sherwood, AR. Visit us at 7339 North Hills Blvd- in front of Gadwell’s Grill at the intersection of JFK and North Hills Blvd.  ASH provides time-sensitive, quality medical service for a wide range of illnesses and injuries. The Center provides expert healthcare services for treatment of minor illnesses and injuries such as
• Abscesses
• Aches & Pains
• Allergic Conditions
• Broken Bones
• Bronchitis, Colds, Flu
• Cuts & Stitches
• Ear Ache and Minor Headache
• Eye Infections
• Fever
• Flu Shots (Seasonal)
• Lacerations & Wounds
• Minor Burns
• Skin Infection
• Rashes
• Sore Throat/Strep
• Strains and Sprains
• TB Skin Test
• Tetanus Shots
• Upset Stomach
➢ 24-hour (or less) turnaround for most test results
➢ Fully Accredited Radiology Department
➢ Fully Accredited Laboratory
➢ Electronic prescription processing to the Pharmacy of your choice


For those patients who cannot wait for their primary care physician, but do not require high acuity ER service, the walk-in clinics are an excellent option, offering considerable savings of both time and money. No appointments are necessary. Most commercial insurances are accepted; including Medicare.